Casino Gift Shop

So you took that trip to a casino, just like you’ve always wanted to do, and – how about that? – you won yourself a load of cash! Congratulations!

But what about all the friends and family members back home that didn’t get to share the exhilarating experience of gambling (and winning) with you? What are you going to do for them?

Before you recoil at the idea of having to actually share your winnings with them, fear not, because that’s not what’s being suggested here. However, it would be kind of nice if you visited the casino gift shop on your way out and picked out a few gifts for your peeps, don’t you think?

The obvious stuff to get, of course, would be gambling-related mementos: Dice, decks of cards, mini-roulette wheels, and the like. You may also want to get caps, mugs and shirts emblazoned with the logo of the particular casino where you won your loot.

But depending on what state you’re in, you’re very likely to find a lot of Native American art in the casino gist shop, and much of it will be worth taking home.

Try finding some handmade Native American jewelry, such as gemstone necklaces and earring ensembles. Handmade candles also make very nice gifts.

Casino stores, stocked by topnotch casino gift shop suppliers, are excellent places to find bronze pieces inspired by nature and Native culture, as well as rare woods and stones. If you want something really nice, you may find some pottery made with actual horsehair; or a lovely porcelain doll dressed in authentic Native American clothes.

And who wouldn’t want a handmade leather poncho? Hey, if you pass those kinds of gifts around when you get home, your family will actually encourage you to go on more casino gambling trips! (And you’ll happily oblige!)