The ‘Capital City’ of Gambling in Asia

When talking of the gambling within Asia, there is one city that dominates discussion, and with good reason. Macau is the undisputed gambling capital of not just Asia, but the world. Last year, Vegas only produced around 15% of the turnover seen in Macau. The city has come to dwarf Vegas in terms the amount of cash that flows through its casinos, and in the same way that Las Vegas is a popular tourist attraction for western gamblers, Macau attracts custom from all across the east.

Macau is undeniably inspired by Las Vegas and was created to exploit a gap in the market within Asia, where formal gambling institutions were uncommon prior to the mass investment and construction of Macau as a gambling hub. Firms that helped to establish Las Vegas, such as Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands and Steve Wynn’s Wynn Resorts have been instrumental in Macau’s success. The western firms invested heavily in Macau, constructing Vegas style resorts that brought institutionalised gambling to a previously untapped, wealthy market.

Furthermore, it is astonishing to consider that Macau is still in a period of growth. As recently as March 2014, Macau experienced 13% growth, claiming an astounding $4.4 billion of gambler’s money. Clearly, Macau is showing no signs of stagnating or slowing down, which means in theory, it should remain as the top destination for gamblers to flock to aswell as online companies such as M88, which have seen unprecedented growth over the last 2 years.

Macau has been so successful that it has inspired other Asian nations to look into pioneering similar projects, with Japan perhaps being the next target for investment.

Macau has successfully demonstrated that there is a huge demand for gambling institutions throughout Asia. Western-style luxury complexes have emerged throughout the city, offering all the commodities that would be found within any Vegas casino. Hotels, pools, bars, restaurants, conference centres, and even a Manchester United museum are all present within the Chinese gambling metropolis, displaying perhaps even more grandeur than their western counterparts.

Another issues which cements the Macau’s place at the forefront of the gambling world is its modernity. Unlike Vegas, where the older areas are in decline and look out of place compared to the well maintained figureheads on the strip, Macau is totally modern. Casinos and resorts share similarities, high rise buildings shimmer with glass and fluorescent lightings, in a way that is much more refined and futuristic than the sensory overload that is seen within Las Vegas.

Macau is definitely not a city that is an example of style over substance. Resort developers have struck the balance perfectly, providing the perfect experience for gamers. This is evident in that people still flock to Macau in their masses, with Macau continuing to post mind-blowing profits. It is clear that Macau is not just the gambling capital of Asia, but has risen to become the gambling capital of the world.