Three Must-Know Moves for Texas Hold ‘em Poker

Three Must-Know Moves for Texas Hold ‘em Poker
A trio of moves every player at the felt (or keyboard) should have in their armoury

If you’re not making moves in Texas Hold em poker then rest assured, you’re being played by the people who are. Get the edge back with this trio of tips used by the pros…

  1. Bet

It sounds obvious but bet your big hands. Don’t go all Hollywood and slow play hands like AA all the time – it can actually be more dangerous than over-betting. That’s the view of Sofia Lövgren and Vicky Coren, who both believe the slow play is far too overused by beginners.

It’s understandable – the excitement of holding two sneaky apples while the rest of the table chase the board, but the ladies have a point…

Far too often you’ll run into a hand like K5 suited, which links up to a flush on the river and wipes out your juicy holding cards. Bet early and discourage those hands from even seeing the flop in the first place. Get value for your sweet pockets because they don’t come around often enough to mess about with.


  1. First In

Your stack’s being chipped away by cyclone after cyclone of Big Blinds, you’re not landing any decent starting hands and you need to win a pot. So, when the A10 you’ve been waiting for comes around, why don’t you bet big?

Don’t hesitate. Get a decent chunk of chips in the middle before somebody else does and take the initiative. You’re either snatching the blinds or firing the gun on a two/three horse race but if you tentatively call, then you’re only going to fold if someone else goes all-in over the top. A lot of players believe early position is a disadvantage but pros like Dan Harrington insist that being first to act, can be an advantage.

If you’re the first player to lay down some coin pre-flop, you appear stronger than anybody else. Anybody sitting on J8 unsuited who was thinking about making a move themselves, is going to instantly back off. You have the ‘first in vigorish’, a power move not too dissimilar from number 1.

  1. Turn your Hand into a Bluff

You just bet top pair on a rainbow flop and got raised. Your opponent is holding pockets right? You’ve got a sickly feeling about their holding cards but you can’t fold after betting into the flop…can you? Arguably you can but if you’re protecting some table image and can afford the raise, it might be a good idea to see the turn before dropping out.

BOOM – a card lands that has no relevance to your top pair…but does it fill the cracks on the board to make a straight? It doesn’t matter what your cards are, if you’re confident your opponent had you beat before the turn, then it’s likely they didn’t even consider the straight until now. All you need to do from here is play like a fish who just got the nuts.

Overbet the river and they’re going to fold, thinking you wasted the opportunity to get max value. Don’t show the bluff and don’t tell them anything.


No move in poker works every time but this threesome might just sharpen your next game on PKR or down at the casino.