Why Everyone Is Going To The Races

If you have never been to the races then you might wonder why they are so popular. Brits love going to horse and dog racing events to absorb the excitement and see these magnificent animals live in action. Watching a greyhound run around a track is very different in real life to on TV. Yes your HD TV might show the race in fantastic detail, but it just doesn’t provide you with the same experience. When you are down at the track you can see the horses or dogs impressive athletic frame, watch all the build up and feel the tense atmosphere. If you have not been to a horse or dog race before, here are some of the reasons why some of these events are so popular.

Win Some Money

This is probably one of the most attractive things about going to the races. The prospect of winning some money. If you do your research and arm yourself with enough information to place a sensible bet then you should stand a good chance of winning. You will get to experience what it feels like to win and see your horse or dog cross the finish line in 1st place.

Fun Day Out

Going to the horse races especially is a fun day out. The dog races are also good for an evening out. Enjoy an action packed day out with food, drink and thrilling races. If you are running out of things to do then buy some tickets for a big race day and spend the day with your friends and family watching all the races.

Experience The Rush

People might who have been to the races before might have tried to describe to you the rush you get when you watch a race. If you have a bet riding on a horse or dog then you won’t be able to take your eyes off them from start to finish. Races can be so unpredictable that anything can happen, which adds to the excitement. Don’t miss out on experiencing this amazing feeling.

Fantastic Atmosphere

With large crowds gathering to watch the headline races, the atmosphere can be electric. Everyone is hoping to win big and when the race starts you can hear people shouting for their horse or dog to win. The atmosphere is tense but exciting at times and when people start winning everyone begins to enjoy themselves. Some people go to the races simply to soak up the atmosphere and get involved with a brilliant event.

Travel To New Places

There are racing events held all round the country at some brilliant venues, from Ascot to Cheltenham. You will get to discover new places and go to race courses in beautiful surroundings and settings. You could even make a weekend of it and explore the local town after the races finish. Book tickets to a few races to see what some of the different courses are like. Each course has a different feel to it, so you won’t experience the same day out twice.

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